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1. One of my college buddies/fellow English majors/good friends is, evidently, married to a blossoming painter. Though my friend has mentioned his wife’s paintings before, I had no idea until today just how good she is. I mean, the girl has only been dabbling in painting since college, and really just here and there, and her talent shines through every single painting she has posted on her website, Jaime Kreager Fine Art. I especially love “Looking for Bugs” and “Bedtime Prayers.”

If you check out Jaime’s paintings and love “Bedtime Prayers” as much as I do, you can vote for it to win a painting contest simply by clicking on this link and “Like”-ing it. Right now, Jaime is in 3rd place, so she’s on track to win. If you can, please take a minute to vote for her. Voting ends on January 31.

2. In my ongoing search for The Perfect Purse, which I have yet to find, I ran across these purses that are truly a work of art, created by Mary Frances. Looking through her designs just makes me smile, they’re so beautifully detailed and fun. Just take a look at a few of my favorites, Ramblin Rose, Wing in the Willow, Mocha Rose and Portofino. I’m 99% sure you’ll find the corners of your lips stretching up.

Can I afford these gorgeous creations? Considering that I usually spend under $10 on a purse and these go for between $180-$250, the answer is a resounding “no.” I love to look at them and dream, but if I actually owned one, I’d be too afraid to use it anyway. I mean, what if I ruined something that lovely?

If you’ve looked at Jaime’s paintings, which one is your favorite? Why?

How about Mary Frances’ handbags? Which one is your fave and why?

I would love to hear other opinions!


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