Today, Day 2 of the kids’ summer vacation, was, overall, a heckuva lot better than yesterday. For reasons known only to themselves, my sons decided to be extra-wild and crazy yesterday, resulting in a banishment to the outdoors for a couple hours.

Here are a few things I’ve learned so far:

1. I can tell 99 out of 100 times who is at my office door by the footsteps and/or the knocking pattern and volume.

2. My productivity ratio goes down about 15% per kid when they’re are home all day, every day. Some ground rules on office hours are most likely going to have to be established. That said, I’m really enjoying spending more time with them.

3. I’m SO grateful that Andie enjoys cooking because she has been making at least one meal a day so far and she is turning into an amazing cook. I’ve always said I’d much rather have a cook than a housekeeper!

4. If left to their own devices, my sons would split their time between the TV, the computer and their Leapsters, and subsist on Cheerios, PB&J, toast, and the occasional box of mac and cheese. They would never see the light of day, nor would they ever rely on their good, old-fashioned imaginations for entertainment. Fortunately, they have me, a mom who values imagination and creativity above most everything else, and so, alas, their penchant for unlimited screen time is in check.

5. Summer vacation is full of magic. Just look at yesterday’s finding:

Baby cottontail

Isn’t it adorable? Our dog, Remy, was chasing it and Rachel rescued it. She wanted to keep it SO badly, as did all the kids, but after some quick internet research, I discovered that the best bet for this sweet little thing was to let it go. The chances of it surviving captivity are slim. After attempting to feed it some milk with no results, Rachel agreed that putting it back in its natural habitat was best. Still, moments like this, when the kids have time and opportunity to find and fawn over a sweet little bunny, are so precious.

Logan found a caterpillar on his walk with Andie yesterday too. He named it “Georgie,” and was so excited to “give it exercise in the grass” and maybe even see a butterfly hatch eventually. However, in his Lenny-esque attempt to care for it, he accidentally drowned the poor thing in its jar by giving it WAY too much water. Ah well, lesson learned. I’m quite sure there will be more caterpillars in the near future.

6. I love summer vacation. Long days, warm nights, sitting outside by the fire and roasting marshmallows, getting out the camper so the kids can sleep outside, walks, gardening, family get-togethers.

How about you? What are your favorite summer memories? What do you like best about summer vacation?

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  1. Rosey says:

    Aw, the bunny is cute. I love having the kids home too. Happy summering. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Rosey. Happy summering to you too!

  3. Thanks, Rosey! Happy summering to you too.

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