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The kids and I have two guilty pleasures — watching American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. We have been thrilled with this season of AI. I mean, seriously. These kids have some incredible talent. I’m not usually too emotional about live music, but I have gotten goosebumps and/or cried several times this season, almost always during one of Joshua Ledet’s songs.

I don’t know what it is, because normally I prefer gravelly, deep, male voices, but Josh’s raw talent gives me chills, even though I haven’t particularly liked any of the actual songs he has performed. I think it’s the way every song he sings seems to touch him deeply in some way. That really comes out in his performances, more than anyone else.

I was a Colton Dixon fan from the beginning, just because he was so original and made each song his own, and I liked him even more when he sang Lifehouse’s “Everything.” When he was voted off (BOO!), he got down on his knees for his final performance and sang “Everything” again, tears streaming down his face. I haven’t been that moved in a very long time.

We’re now down to Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez. Up until tonight, I had been getting rather tired of Phillip. I liked him a lot in the beginning, but all of his songs started to sound exactly alike and I was bored. Jessica, on the other hand, is a female Joshua. Her vocal prowess is truly incredible, and she’s only 16! Until the last song of tonight’s show, I was all for a Jessica/Joshua showdown next week.

However. Phillip’s rendition of “We’ve Got Tonight,” the last performance of the night, was sooooo good. He was clearly uncomfortable because it’s not his typical style (plus he didn’t have his guitar), but it was tender, quiet, and heartfelt, and completely won me over.

So now, I don’t know. They’re all so darn good, I’ll be happy with whomever wins.

Who’s your favorite for the win?

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  1. Ooooh! We’re Idol fans too! (In fact, I blogged about it last night: )

    My thoughts and feelings mirror your so much that it’s almost scary. Love Colton; seriously started crying when he got down on his knees and sang that song, b/c for him, that was a moment of prayer and he wasn’t afraid to show it. (He’s got a BIG career ahead of him in Christian music, I think).

    I’ve def. gotten chills (and more than once) during Joshua’ performances. In fact, when I watch him now, I think he’s so much better than a lot of what passes for top talent on music awards shows.

    And I agree about Phillip. He’s got something!

    What did you think of Skylar? My boys (country fans) loved her, and so did I.

  2. Hey Jenny, we liked Skylar too. I’m not a big country fan, but she was just so darn cute and entertaining, I couldn’t help but warm up to her.

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