I was asked by Better Homes and Gardens to represent South Dakota in their State Fragrance Contest, going on now through the end of the month on their Facebook page. 51 bloggers, one from each state + Washington D.C., were given gift cards to purchase a Better Homes and Gardens wax warmer and wax cubes to invent a scent that represents our individual states. The blogger who receives the most votes for his/her fragrance receives 10-$25 gift cards to give out to blog readers, plus a trip to the Better Homes and Gardens headquarters. I’m sure the trip to BH&G is great, but I agreed to enter the contest on behalf of South Dakota just because it sounded like so much fun to play with different scents! (I’m also hoping to be able to get enough votes to be able to give 10 of my readers one of those $25 gift cards…so go vote!)

First of all, it had never even occurred to me to mix different scents of wax cubes. What a cool idea!

Secondly, although I knew the general theme I wanted the fragrance to have, I also knew that another sniffer would be helpful. With that in mind, I enlisted my friend Jo to help. It actually didn’t take us long to come up with the scent we named “Prairie Breeze,” which is made up of 1/2 cube French Lilac Flowers, 1 cube of Country Sunflower, and 1 cube of Line Dried Linen. The result is an outdoorsy, fresh, crisp, flowery scent that I’ve had going every day in my warmer since we made it. I love it!

Light blue = Line Dried Linen, Purple = French Lilac Flowers, Orange = Country Sunflower

I wanted to create a scent that represents the wonderfully clean, fresh air and wide open space we have here in our mostly rural state. We used a full cube of the Lilac at first (see picture), but it overpowered the other two, so we decided half a cube would be better. At just $2 a pop for a package of 6 wax cubes, scent creations are inexpensive and easy!

There are a variety of fragrances and warmers to choose from,

but this is the one I chose:

So go ahead and vote for your favorite fragrance, even if it’s not mine. There are some really yummy ones posted, i.e., Oregon’s “Oregon Berry Pie,” that I’m anxious to try out. Voting also gives you a chance to win a wax warmer and a 6-pack of wax cubes. You only get one vote though, so spend it wisely! Official rules can be viewed here.

Be sure to pass this on to your family and friends and/or post the contest on Facebook, if you want to help.

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  1. Gretchen says:

    Love your fragrance–it’s perfect! I’m voting now.

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