Cody and Logan have been working with their dad for the better part of the last week. It has been a big adjustment for me because I am used to them being here all the time, unless they are at school. Now, they are working long days building fences, getting sunburned, and acquiring muscles.

I miss them. I miss their scrubby little faces, their noisy play, the way they make this house sound like a playground with their enthusiastic laughter and excitement. It’s like a tomb here now, with just the girls and me meeting in the hall or the kitchen every once in awhile, all doing our own thing. Yes, my working hours go by almost completely free of interruption, and no, I don’t miss the frantic knocking for things like, “Cody keeps calling me a baby,” or similar, but when I see their empty bedroom or go downstairs in search of some food or water, I feel a lurch in my stomach when I think about them being somewhere else.

Their dad got them a phone yesterday, which has been my saving grace, since last week I barely even talked to them. Since they got the phone, Cody has sent me no less than 2 videos, 3 pictures, and 31 texts. He even called me this morning. Here’s my favorite picture:


I love that, for now, I’m the main person on their minds and in their hearts while we’re separated. The sheer volume of contact confirms this.

I also have a feeling that by the end of the summer, my young sons aren’t going to look so young anymore. Sniff.

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