Dear Cody,

Recently you told me about something that happened at school. A group of the boys were teasing one of your female classmates, and so you stepped in and stood up for her, telling them to knock it off and leave her alone.

This is not the first time you have told me this kind of story. In fact, your continual sticking up for this particular classmate throughout the years is a lot of the reason why she has had a crush on you since kindergarten. Because you’re nice to her and you see her as a person, not a joke.

I want you to know that I admire and respect you for defending someone who couldn’t defend herself. What you did wasn’t easy, but it was good and it was right, even though it must have been hard. I love that fitting in is far less important to you than someone else’s feelings.

Doing the right thing, the good thing is often the harder road, but I think you somehow innately know that. These choices will continue to get more difficult as you get older and are faced with more and more seemingly gray situations and a variety of temptations.

Keep choosing right. Stand up for the defenseless, listen to your conscience, treat everyone you meet with kindness and respect, always keep your word, and do what you can to be a blessing to others. You are strong, much stronger than I ever was as a child, and for that I am grateful. You are kind, thoughtful, honest, sincere, and sensitive to others’ feelings. Don’t lose that. Keep doing what you’re doing and I promise, you will go far in life. I am so proud of the young man you are becoming and blessed beyond measure to be your mother.

All my love,


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