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The conclusions kids draw . . .

Today Cody saw a picture of Santa. “Is Santa wearing a costume?” he asked me. “Yes,” I said. “Then Santa’s a FAKE,” he spit. “Why do you say that?” I said, startled by this conclusion. “Because we only wear costumes on Halloween. That means that Santa isn’t real if he wears a costume.” Nothing I […]

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On being Mommy

I just realized that the beloved name of “Mommy” has departed from my house, most likely forever. As I was lying in bed this morning, listening to my 4-year-old yelling my name over and over again in an attempt to get me to carry him down the stairs, it occurred to me that he was yelling, […]

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"Hot" — the new "cute"?

I wrote the following a couple years ago because the situation took me so off guard, but I feel it’s still worth sharing. The other day my daughter informed me that a boy in her second-grade class said she is “hot.” Excuse me?!?! Did I actually just hear this? Although my jaw pretty much dropped […]

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